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Inside The 2012 Syfy Upfront

April 25, 2012 , 2:57 pm | By Bryan Reesman

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The annual Syfy Channel Upfront is one of the coolest events of the year. Every time I attend, they spruce up an intriguing Manhattan locale — the Museum Of Modern Art, the Foxwoods Theater, and this year, the American Museum of Natural History — in their own inimitable, purple drenched style. (Which just happens to go nicely with this website’s color scheme.) This year they outdid themselves and as always made it an event rather than just another party.

The purple carpet featured talent from Being Human, Warehouse 13, Face Off, Alphas and the highly anticipated Defiance, a 2013 series that will air in conjunction with the popular online RPG; the popular game and show will reportedly influence each other’s content. During the main presentation, Syfy’s president Dave Howe cheerily talked up returning series and upcoming shows like Stranded, Rewind and The Genie. There are so many more that were not even announced on the stage. He also repeatedly invoked the term “Igniters,” which is being used as the smart marketing term for devoted Syfy viewers who are ahead of the curve in terms of technology and trends.

We also watched a video message from Sir Richard Branson. Syfy’s sales guru Chris Czarkowski delivered his eloquent advertising pitch and happily announced the winner of a Virgin Airways trip around the world. Then Young the Giant played two songs to the packed crowd. Finally, the post-presentation party featured delicious cuisine from chef Marcus Samuelsson, tunes from DJ Spooky and an open bar. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate. (I was too busy eating it to photograph it.)

Here is the visual evidence from last night’s Syfy Upfront.


  1. Luellavoir

    Great! Thanks so much for going when we all can’t! You’re so lucky!

    By the way, I heard in passing from this event, nothing official yet, that Sanctuary might be renewed? I know you mentioned similarly your displeasure at this question not being answered yet too in a photo caption.
    Sorry if you get bothered by this question a lot..

    Keep it up, awesome blog! Tune in every time !

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