James Gunn’s Favorite Scream Queens

James Gunn: A blood splattered scream queen fiend.

You probably know the name James Gunn best from the movies Slither (which he wrote and directed) and the Dawn Of The Dead remake (which he wrote) as well as the upcoming video game Lollipop Chainsaw (which he wrote). It’s clear from his extensive body of work (pun intended, maybe) that the man loves his scream queens, so I asked him to name his top five.

“I grew up in the Eighties, so my favorite scream queens had a lot to do with how hot they were,” Gunn explained to A.D.D. “That said, my all time favorite is PJ Soles, who I was totally in love with as a kid — in Halloween, Rock ‘N’ Roll High School and Stripes.  After that I’ll have to go with my pal Elizabeth Banks, the star of Slither, who did everything I asked of her and more.  Number three would be Tippi Hendren in The Birds.  Next I’d have to pick Eihi Shiina, who is scary as hell, and sexy, in Audition. And finally, I’ll go with Mia Farrow, the star of Rosemary’s Baby, my favorite horror film ever!”

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  1. dan m

    Surprised no Linnea Quigley.She seemed to be in every 80’s B-movie.


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