“The Avengers” Make Box Office History

Avengers fans express their hearts in Seoul.
(Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.)

I quietly predicted that The Avengers would break the billion dollar mark internationally at the box office, and my thoughts became amplified at the sight of the long lines snaking around the AMC cineplex on 42nd Street in NYC and by the initial international three-day gross of $178 million the weekend before. It has been heartening to know that one of the first comic books I ever read was on its way to becoming one of the biggest movies ever. But just how big would it be?

We have our answer. In just three days domestically (May 4-6), The Avengers grossed an estimated $200.3 million, becoming the highest-grossing domestic debut of all time. Globally the epic superhero saga has raked in $641.8 million in just 12 days. Nice work if you can get it. The first Marvel Comics and Walt Disney Studios collaboration also became the fastest movie to reach $200 million domestically and achieved the second highest single day take ever with $80.5 million on Friday.

Avengers fans assemble to make box office history.
(Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.)

According to Walt Disney Studios, The Avengers also had the biggest Marvel opening in Russia with $17.9 million on May 3. It also debuted in China with $17.4 million on May 5. They also reportedly achieved the biggest grossing weekends ever in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Central America, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

The first issue of The Avengers I ever read:
Issue #165, dated November 1977.

The cinema superhero craze has certainly reached its apex, and with the DC Comics/Warner Bros. film The Dark Knight Rises coming this summer, there will be many more long lines engulfing theaters. It will also become a major box office showdown as The Dark Knight, the second film of the rebooted Batman film franchise, grossed $1 billion globally in 2008. We shall see who comes out on top by summer’s end. Regardless of the outcome, it’s a win-win situation for superhero fans.

Marvel Studios are certainly not resting on their laurels, with a sequel to 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger coming on April 4, 2014, a Thor sequel landing on November 15, 2013 and the third Iron Man film blasting into theaters on May 3, 2013. In other Marvel movie news, a Daredevil reboot is allegedly in the works, and a second Wolverine film, set in feudal Japan, is in the works.

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  1. Luellavoir

    Hiya! Yeah I remember seeing this twice already. I jumped at the chance to see the Iron Man ‘party whales’ twice as they’re both epic and I love their design, it’s very Warhammer-esque.

    Although everyone who I’ve seen it with agreed the most ‘real’ fight was Hawk Eye versus Black Widow but enjoyed every versus with Thor, Loki or Hulk.

    I rejoiced more at seeing the Dollhouse cameo and actually more in Underworld Awakening. In a silent packed cinema I’d practically shouted and pointed at the screen “IT’S ROBERT (Lawrenson)!” and then almost danced in my seat at seeing Sandrine Holt. Plus they got to drift a taxi In the quad of Simon Fraser University!

    Anyways sorry for fan rant, as much as I will see Avengers many a time, I loved the moments just as much in Underworld, despite it being an extended action sequence.


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