Digital Playlist: Joanna Angel

Who: Joanna Angel, porn star/porntrepeneur (NSFW link).
What: The top five songs rocking her iPod.
Where: New York and Los Angeles.
Latest Project: Fuckenstein.

Joanna Angel: Grooving from
the dance floor to the mosh pit.

1. GRIMES “Genesis” — “I just heard about this band a few weeks ago, and I love this song. It’s so cute and fun. It makes me wanna dance. It’s also really good to run to on the treadmill.”

2. STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS “Two Cups Of Tea” — “This song has a little of everything. It’s got singing, a little screaming and fun punk rock guitar riffs. It’s a really unique song and pretty random. I don’t really listen to this band — there is just something about this song that is awesome.”

3. PANTERA “Cowboys From Hell” — “This has been a song that I listened to on cassette, then CD, then on my very first iPod, and whenever I transfer those few selects song I want to carry around all day with me onto my phone, it’s always in there as well. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time, and I can listen to it when I am in any kind of mood.”

4. TURBONEGRO “The Age of Pamparius” — “This is an epic rock song with like, the most awesome build up ever about pizza parties. I really like pizza, and I really like Turbonegro. Enough said!”

5. REFUSED “New Noise” — “I was a huge Refused fan. The Shape of Punk to Come kind of changed my life, and it also made me realize that I found men who wore tight pants attractive. It was a life changing moment. I kinda forgot about them after a while, and I started re-listening to them since they just started playing again. I know this song is like “their hit,” but it’s a damn good song and gets me pumped. It’s a good getting ready in the morning song.”

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