Are You Mom Enough To Be An Alien Queen?

The recent TIME cover story bearing the title “Are You Mom Enough?” has inspired a large number of satires, featuring everything from cat moms to the “nanny state” to MILFs, due to its depiction of a three year-old boy still sucking at his mother’s breast. The story’s subject matter, attachment parenting, has drawn its own share of controversy. I confess to not having yet read the story nor knowing little about the subject, but an initial investigation into it makes me suspect it’s one reason why my generation is raising so many entitled, socially maladjusted brats.

But I’m not here to rant about that, just share a hilarious parody featuring a Xenomorph Queen from the Alien movie franchise. The awesome image below — which A.D.D. obtained via Facebook and would love to get the source for attribution — features an alien Queen suffocating a young human boy with a facehugger that will implant a chestbursting alien embryo into him. This satirical cover clicks since the Xenomorph race is pretty resilient and seems to require little parenting, and the hissing, snarling alien mommy is certainly tougher than many modern American parents. You won’t see her spending time boosting her kids’ egos and being their friend rather than a real parent and disciplinarian. Being a tough but loving parent is evidently becoming a dying art these days. (Ironically, if you know anything about the Alien series, this mother’s about to raise a little monster of a different sort.)

For many sci-fi and cinema geeks, this image is just a great in-joke, and perhaps that’s simply the best way to enjoy it, subtext be damned.

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