Five Things You Need To Know About Crucified Barbara

The women of Crucified Barbara, from left:
Klara Force, Nicki Wicked, Ida Evileye and Mia Coldheart.
(Above photo, and individual profile shots below, by Tallee Savage.)

Raucous Swedish rockers Crucified Barbara are getting ready to release their third album The Midnight Chase, so A.D.D. decided to get to know them better. Frontwoman Mia Coldheart offered this basic guide to the band for new converts, and it’s way more entertaining than any press release could ever be. You even get a free drink recipe and conversation starters out of the deal.

Ready to get their rock on.
(Photo courtesy of Crucified Barbara.)

ONE: Food
“Three out of four members are vegetarians. We do not agree that it’s rock ’n’ roll to eat animals. The bonus is that everyone in the band are great cooks, and you will never even miss a piece of meat at a dinner with the Barbs. In the recording studio, we had a non-official priority list: Food first, recording second. As good as the album turned out, you can imagine how amazing the food we had every day was.”

TWO: Drinking
“We have developed our taste in drinking over the years. We’ve always liked beer, but sometimes it’s nice to have a more elegant drink! During a boat cruise to Finland for a gig with In Flames, Mia spent an hour at the bar trying to convince the bartender to make a garbage drink for her by pouring 6 centiliters of vodka — the equivalent of a shot — in the garbage bin and handing it over. He refused and went for his boss. After even more nagging, the bartender got really pissed off, measured the 6 centiliters and threw it in the big black garbage bag — the big one — full of trash and with a lot of effort, he then threw it over the bar desk. Anders from In Flames was the only one with cash, so he had to pay for it. They charged a lot! Then Mia went all the way through the boat corridors dragging this amazing treasure just to wake up Klara Force and leave it in her bed as a great gift. That’s love between band members!”

“Now we are older and wiser and have better taste, and during the last tour in France we, by mistake, invented the following amazing drink:

Into The Fire
1/3 of Vodka
1/3 sparkling wine or champagne
1/3 juice

Of course, those measurements can be changed after your own taste and common sense. Enjoy!”

Relaxing backstage.
(Photo courtesy of Crucified Barbara.)

THREE: Fashion and Clothing
“If you hear a rumor about band members of Crucified Barbara running naked through hotel corridors or climbing in trees with only shoes on, it’s true and it will probably happen again once or twice, but we will forever deny it because we really care about our good reputation.”

FOUR: Meet and Greet
“If you want to make a conversation with the Barbs, here are some guidelines:”

Mia Coldheart – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Likes to talk about: Horses and my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp.

Do not say: “Why aren’t you drinking? I thought you were rock ’n’ roll.” I drink when I want to and not when some idiot tells me to.

Nicki Wicked – Drums & Backing Vocals
Likes to talk about: Music.

Do not tell her: “You should…” Don’t ever tell her what she should do. It might work better with: “Have you ever considered…?” but to be totally sure, don’t even go there.

Ida Evileye – Bass
Likes to talk about: Beer.

Do not speak: to her before breakfast.

Klara Force – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Likes to talk about: Politics and literature.

Do not mention: Cute dogs or puppies.

FIVE: Girlie Talk

The new Crucified Barbara album...coming soon!

“Don’t expect a very enthusiastic answer to the question, ‘How does it feel to be a girl playing rock ’n’ roll?’ We’ve had the same question asked of us for three albums now, and we still don’t know what to answer.

Since we don’t know how it feels to be a boy playing rock ’n’ roll, the only thing we know is that it feels great to be in a band, playing with your best friends, touring, partying, rehearsing, recording… You’re free to ask the question, but for sure you will get more back from us if you put some effort in thinking before speaking, and if you can find a more interesting way of asking, we will put more effort in telling you the truth about how it is to be girls playing rock ’n’ roll!

Cheers from Crucified Barbara.”

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