Heeeeere’s Cookie!

Ever imagine what The Shining would be like if Cookie Monster played deranged family man Jack Torrance? The widely circulated image below gives you a good idea of how that casting choice might play out. Perhaps other Muppets could be appear in a reimagined Shining — Camilla the Chicken as Wendy Torrance, Walter as Danny Torrance, Sam the Eagle as Lloyd the bartender, Scooter as butler Delbert Grady, Rowlf the Dog as Dick Hallorann, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as hotel manager Stuart Ullman, Janice from the Electric Mayhem band as the scary woman in room 237 and in a shocking twist, Statler and Waldorf in place of the creepy twins. Think of the possibilities!

"Where are my cookies?!?!?!?"

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