Queensrÿche Members Begin A New Adventure, Rising West

Seattle heavy metal legends Queensrÿche have been celebrating their 30th anniversary on the road over the last year, and while they have continued playing around the world, it seems that members are looking towards outside projects, perhaps as a creative break. Singer Geoff Tate is working on his second solo album (he recently did a small U.S. tour), while founding members Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield, along with touring guitarist Parker Lundgren, are teaming up with Crimson Glory vocalist Todd La Torre to form Rising West. This new group will be performing two concerts at the Hard Rock Café in Seattle on June 8th and 9th, and they will be comprised of rare and classic songs from the first five Queensrÿche releases.

“All of us are very excited about this new band,” Rockenfield declared to A.D.D. “We are eager to get out and perform some of our greatest material from our most popular recordings of our past, and hope our fans will come out and enjoy this new project. New material is in the works, and we hope to be recording this summer.”

There has been a lot of speculation about what has been going on behind the scenes in the QR camp — many fans are buzzing about an alleged band altercation in Brazil — but the group will still play scheduled summer dates, with Tate also doing some solo shows. Outside projects are nothing new for the band — whether it’s Tate’s solo work or Slave To The System featuring Rockenfield and former axeman Kelly Gray — but whether this is just a breather from regular activities remains to be seen. Either way, the Rising West members seem pumped about their future endeavors. Queensrÿche fans have been craving a harder metal release from the band, and they sound primed to deliver.

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    Todd La Torre the vocalist said he isn’t looking to stay on full-time or leaving Crimson Glory his main band. There are others out there who think Rising West is a full-time band not a side project. La Torre made a statement however, that it is being viewed as a side project to him.

    So if the other members in the band want to make an album in say 2-3 years from now, who knows if Todd will still be around? Break-in another singer and wait for a paycheck or go back to Queensryche and get easy cash in a hurry?

    • Bryan Reesman

      This all remains to be seen. Tate has said he is focusing on his solo stuff this year, and the band still have live dates coming up. It’ll be interesting to hear what Rising West sounds like. It sounds like they want to do heavier music.


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