The Top A.D.D. Posts For May 2012

Heavy rock and dark fantasy realms rocked A.D.D. in May.

Here are the Top 10 New Posts and Top 5 Past Posts for May 2012. Feel free to dive into the stories you missed!


1. Paul Gilbert’s Culinary Creations

2. Serj Tankian Talks Occupy, Protest Songs and Industry Politics

3. Digital Playlist: Epica’s Mark Jansen

4. Lana Parrilla: The Villains She Loves And Fears

5. Are You Mom Enough To Be An Alien Queen?

6. The “Star Trek” That Could Have Been

7. Five Things You Need To Know About Crucified Barbara

8. Digital Playlist: Joanna Angel

9. “The Avengers” Make Box Office History

10. First Peek: Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”


1. Dark Illusions

2. Digging Deeper With The “Vampire Diaries” Stars

3. Emilie Autumn’s Personal Asylum, Parts One and Two

4. Travelers Beware: London’s Appalling Currency Exchange

5. Blackie Lawless Renounces His Past Sins

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