“Being Human”‘s Sam Huntington Reveals His Favorite Wolfie Moments; Ponders Dylan Dog Crossover

Sam Huntington (center) and Meaghan Rath goof off
while Sam Witwer tries to conduct a serious interview.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Portraying lycanthropic hospital orderly Josh Levison on Syfy’s version of Being Human, Sam Huntington struggles with his inner wolf man while also coping/dealing with his vampire and ghost roomies. Hey, everybody has their issues. After a harrowing season two finale/cliffhanger (did Josh shoot fellow werewolf Ray or vice versa?), it’s good that he is getting a break. A.D.D. caught up with Huntington at this spring’s Syfy Upfront to discuss season three, his favorite moments on the series thus far, a Dylan Dog guess spot and why werewolves are not as beloved as zombies and vampires.

Huntington acting all sweet and innocent. Not.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

What can you hint about that is coming up next season?
I know nothing. I swear to you when I say I know absolutely nothing.

What do you fear is going to happen?
That’s a good question. I’d be sad if Ray dies, unless he came back as a ghost. I would think that would be pretty interesting. I think it would be bad for the show if Kristen Hager goes because I adore her and think the character of Nora is interesting and dynamic. I love her and Josh together. I don’t have too many fears because I have a lot of faith in our writers.

What are your three favorite wolfie moments so far in the show?
My number one is the end of season one when the wolf looks under the door at Nora when she’s miscarrying. I thought that was a really, really strong moment. Then when Nora turns into the wolf for the first time because it’s so devastating. I unintentionally turned her into the thing that I hate most in life and wanted to protect her from, and so that’s horrifying. My third would be in episode two of season one when we first see Josh transform because that’s also devastating. An innocent man, you know…

An innocent Sam. By the way, what do you think would happen if Dylan Dog showed up at the apartment of Josh, Aidan and Sally?
I think he’d be cool. He likes the paranormal, supernatural guys. He just doesn’t like it when there’s a lot of in-fighting. I think he’d mediate. I think we need him in the house. A little crossover. I’ll talk to Brandon [Routh] about it.

Finally, why do you think werewolves don’t receive as much movie love as vampires and zombies?
Zombies are just so visceral and aggressive and disgusting. That one makes sense to me. Vampires ooze sex, right? Werewolves are hairy, smelly and have dog penises. So who could possibly like that? I get it. I don’t like myself.

Huntington’s wolfie side coming out.
There are some hygiene issues.
(Photo credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy.)

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