Digital Playlist: Symphony X’s Michael Romeo

Who: Michael Romeo, guitarist for Symphony X.
What: The top five albums rocking his iPod.
Where: On tour.
Latest Project: Iconoclast.

Michael Romeo: Shredding Stravinsky
to Sabbath to Star Wars.
(Photo credit: Audrey Dujardin.)

1 – 3. BLACK SABBATH and OZZY OSBOURNE — “Heaven and Hell was always my favorite [Black Sabbath album]. Something about the songs were great, and of course Dio was on there. I liked older Sabbath too, but everything was solid as hell on that record. Ozzy’s Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman with Randy [Rhoads] are also two of my favorites. I still listen to them now. When I was growing up and just starting guitar, those were huge influences for me, so I like to listen to them today.”

4. JOHN WILLIAMS Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Original Motion Picture Soundtrack — “As far as classical, I just love big, epic stuff. All of John Williams’ film stuff is great. I like a lot of Stravinsky where it’s just bombastic and huge. I think even sometimes this band has a little bit of that influence too. When I was a little younger and getting into classical music — talking about Randy Rhoades and [Yngwie] Malmsteen — I was into the normal Baroque stuff, Bach and Beethoven. And I think as time went on, hearing Stravinsky, Bartok and even John Williams, the dissonance became less abrasive. You’re looking for something different.”

5. MESHUGGAH ObZen — “The guitar is just ridiculously friggin’ heavy, and just a lot of the polyrhythms and the different guitar and drum work is totally badass.”

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