Dee Snider’s Glam Steamer Ad

Dee Snider in the new Stanley Steemer spot:
"Hey, I know I (look like) a whore...but I'm an expensive whore!"
(Image courtesy of House Of Hair.)

It is rather surreal for me to think that a hard rocker I’ve listened to for almost 30 years is now a steamer salesman. Okay, I’m being facetious, but that is a dolled up Dee Snider in the new Stanley Steemer commercial. He and his pink-tinged friends tell a suburban wife that she has won a “Dee Snider weekend,” and her husband, all decked out like the Twisted Sister frontman, is ready to party. The glam crew invades their home and rock the house, even though the guy can’t keep up with the craziness. The ultimate pitch? That Stanley Steemer can clean out the rock ‘n’ roll in your carpet. (If they had said life I would’ve been pissed.)

“Sell out!” you scream? Hey, Stanley Steemer understands that forty and fiftysomethings who grew up on rock ‘n’ roll are nostalgic and want to feel like they’re still in touch with their youth. So does Dee Snider. And Twisted Sister’s music has been a hot commodity in recent weeks and (the hottest they’ve been in probably 25 years). “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is the theme to Betty White’s new TV show Off Their Rockers and a big part of Hollywood’s adaptation of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages. As Twisted guitarist/founding member Jay Jay French told me recently, that song is like the gift that keeps on giving. Would you turn down the money? And isn’t it better to have something cool being used? I thought so. And you don’t often see glam cross-dressing on prime time TV, which is funny in itself.

By the way, Dee tweeted about his appearance: “Hey, i know i (look like) a whore…but im an expensive whore! LOL!”

The extended director’s cut, also below, is even better.

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