Marillion Debuting Two New Songs On Current U.S. Tour

Marillion enthralled fans in NYC last night.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Classic rock veterans Marillion are two concerts into their first U.S. tour in eight years. They played the first of two shows at NYC’s Irving Plaza last night, and jubilant fans sang along loudly to many of the songs and cheered boisterously throughout the evening. The band’s intense two-hour set spanned a wide range of material from throughout their long career, including “This Town,” “The Invisible Man,” “Asylum Satellite #1,” “Man Of A Thousand Faces” and “Sugar Mice”. They also performed “Power,” one of two new tunes they are debuting to audiences before the release of their forthcoming album Sounds That Can’t Be Made (a work that last night frontman Steve Hogarth jokingly dubbed the album that will never get finished).

Marillion drummer Ian Mosley (left) and
guitarist Steve Rothery chilling out backstage.
Or are they secretly plotting world domination?
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

The first impression of “Power” is that the slowly building atmospheric piece recalls moodier albums like Clutching At Straws and Marbles. “‘Power’ has got a really good groove,” drummer Ian Mosley told A.D.D. “It’s a very simple and straightforward song, and people seem to enjoy it. That song has come together really well.” Hogarth revealed a bit about its inspiration: “It comes from an old and very painful love affair really. It’s about what power is and how it’s not often what you think it is.”

Mosley added that a song called “Lucky Man” should also surface during this latest North American trek. (UPDATE: The song was played during their second NYC show.) “‘Lucky Man’ was a jam to start with,” the drummer explained. “It felt quite bluesy as a jam, and then Steve Hogarth ran away and came back with a really great lyric on it. The lyric goes something like ‘some people like to have fast cars,’ some people like to do certain things, and just goes through a story. The chorus is: ‘I’m a lucky man to have what I have.'”

Marillion fans here feel blessed that their British heroes have returned from across the Atlantic. The band put their all into this particular concert, and despite the fact that Hogarth was feeling under the weather, he still delivered a strong performance. As a bonus to fans who bought tickets to both Irving Plaza gigs, the set list for tonight’s concert in NYC will be different. Fan devotion and band gratitude co-mingle admirably in Marillion’s world.

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Steve Hogarth sings intensely about "Power" onstage
as a bright red glow envelopes keyboardist Mark Kelly.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

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