“Being Human”‘s Sam Witwer On Aidan’s Evolution, Favorite Vampire Moments and Being Buried Alive

Sam Witwer classing up the
Syfy Upfront's purple carpet.
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Some television characters get cliffhangers, and then some experience traumatizing, long-term nightmares. At the end of season two of Syfy’s Being Human, vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer) faced a horrible future: Being buried alive. For a long time. When A.D.D. caught up with Witwer on the purple carpet of this spring’s Syfy Upfront, he offered some insight into season three (which just started filming), his favorite character moments from the series and his character’s horrible fate.

So quite a cliffhanger at the end of the season here. Is being buried alive your worst nightmare? And have you had nightmares about it since then?
It’s funny because some people have asked me if it was hard being buried alive. No, because when you get the shot, half of the coffin is open on the stage, so I was fine. It was definitely cramped in there. But Aidan’s going to be there for a little while.

What can you reveal about next season without spoiling anything?
What I can reveal, and what I’m really excited about, is that Aidan as a character is now being reintroduced to the population. He will be around people this year, which is an extraordinarily dangerous prospect for him in any case, but after last season twice as dangerous. And also hopefully twice as funny and sad and all those great things. But things that he did last year are going to have some consequences. We haven’t forgotten about certain things that he’s done, and we’re going to go with that momentum.

Aidan (Sam Witwer) contemplates a horrible fate.
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Vampires go in and out of style but always return rejuvenated. Are there some new genre twists that you would like to bring in for your character that we haven’t seen before? For example, Let The Right One In shows what happens when you don’t invite a vampire in, but they come in anyway.
I have some ideas, but I can’t really tell you because I’ve pitched most of them to the writing staff. I know some of them are going to happen in the series, so I can’t say too much, but I will say that what I think we can do with Aidan, and what we did in the first season and partially in the second season, is make him a normal guy, a real guy who’s dealing with some problems. When we keep focusing on that drug addiction and allergy, I think we’re in good shape. It’s also not lost on these three characters how ridiculous the circumstances are, so we get some humor here and there. It’s going to be a very different season than the first and the second. The three characters are going to be around each other more often, but Aidan is also going to be off the rails. I have great hopes that it will be sad and tense and funny and all those great things.

A pair of Sams: Witwer (left) and Huntington (right)
discuss their Being Human home life.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

What are your three favorite moments so far in the series for your character?
I think any scene with Bishop is one of my favorites; any scene with Mark Pellegrino. When Aidan was forced to feed on Josh was a great moment because it goes from sad to funny to tense back to funny, and I was really happy with that. Thirdly… I don’t know. I can’t break it down into threes. But I think the character is a lot of fun when he is out of his element and off his game. That’s really what I hope to be pushing this year, to keep him completely off his game but in an environment where there are humans around surrounding him everywhere to really bring in that element that we had in the first season.

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