“Terminator Too: Judgment Play” Gives Audience Members The Arnold Role

Who will be the next Terminator?
Who gets to wield his Super Soaker?
(Photo credit: Thomas Blake.)

Many off-Broadway shows have taken unlikely movie sources — Evil Dead, Re-Animator and Silence Of The Lambs — and transformed them into musical comedies. Now Terminator Too, Judgment Play is turning the James Cameron action blockbuster Terminator 2: Judgment Day into a play. The catch? Beyond the lack of digital effects, the (seemingly) villainous role of The Terminator will go to a new audience member plucked from the crowd at every performance. That’s right, you could become Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cinematic alter ego for the night. And everyone attending this event should wear casual clothes because the “effects” evidently necessitate people wearing panchos, but more on that below.

This interactive action movie parody was created and directed by Thomas Blake, whose spoof Point Break Live! ran in LA for five years. Terminator Too makes its world premiere on June 23rd at Santos House Party in NYC and runs every Saturday at 8 PM through August 11th. For each show, the role of The Terminator will be chosen by the audience from among their ranks, and all of Ah-nold’s dialogue will be provided with cue cards for the “winner”. The cast will include Christy Waldon and George Spielvogal (fan favorites of Point Break Live!) with Joya Mia Italiano (John Patrick Shanley’s Psychopathia Sexualis), Yesenia Ayala, Conor Tansey, Jeremy Bent, Stephanie Griffiths, Sam Albertson and Petra Sanader.

A recent press release for the show states: “Terminator Too: Judgment Play transports audiences back to the good old days of 1991, when your biggest concern was whether your Slap Bracelet matched your Reebok Pumps. Here, the destiny of the world depends on future leader John Connor being protected by a steroid-laden cyborg hero from the future. Get ready for an action-adventure of epic proportions, complete with Super Soakers and He-Man action figures. Be dazzled by James Cameron’s revolutionary $94 million special effects — all recreated live…with next to no budget at all!”

John Connor gets a Big Wheel instead of a motorbike this time.
(Photo credit: Thomas Blake.)

Now about those ponchos. Audience members are advised to wear old or comfortable clothes to performances. Ponchos will be provided to protect theatergoers from the “elements” of the show. But there is no guarantee of anyone remaining completely dry. (That’s reminiscent of the Evil Dead musical where the first two rows were offered protection from blood splattering off the stage.)

Sounds like a rocking fun time.

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