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“Monster Brawl” DVD Giveaway!

June 19, 2012 , 4:23 pm | By Bryan Reesman


Attention Deficit Delirium, in conjunction with Image Entertainment, is giving away five DVD copies of Monster Brawl, a movie full of creature carnage as eight different monsters kick each other’s asses in a wrestling smackdown to the death.

This giveaway is open to subscribers 17 years or older in North America only. To be eligible, subscribe to A.D.D. by e-mail — utilize the box at the top left of this page — then post a comment on this page. If you are already a subscriber, then you simply need to post a comment.

Please note that all comments are filtered and individually approved (due to spam). If yours does not show up immediately, do not worry, it will be approved!

Be sure to check for a confirmation e-mail in your Inbox (occasionally they go into people’s spam folders) to verify your subscription, then remember to please post a comment here. Please do not post multiple comments; they will be ignored.

The contest ends June 29, 2012, and the winners will be picked through a random lottery and announced soon after.

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  1. Jack

    Monster Brawl – this will be amazing! I am an ADD subscriber – because this is the best way to learn about cool things like Monster Brawl on DVD.

  2. Gregory Bodish

    cool give me monster brawl dvds~~~!!!!

  3. dan m

    Looks like it could be a cool movie.

  4. jason f

    Send some excitement my way.

  5. Phill Poirier


  6. Patrick Rivard

    Looks like a DVD I’d love to watch!

  7. Emily D.

    Looks like a fun movie!

  8. Patricia

    Great DVD

  9. Evangelo Diamante

    Monsters and fighting…perfect combination.

  10. Linda Peters

    email subscriber and this is my kind of movie, thanks

  11. Cary Gordon

    I would like to be winning?

  12. Joseph C.

    monster brawl. this is a dream come true. monsters. brawling. this is every monster fans wet dream.

  13. Stephen N.

    Hellz yeah! Anything with Lance Henriksen is an automatic winner. 😀

  14. Daniel Thornton, Jr.

    email subscriber. Thanks

  15. micheal dale grim

    monster brawl,who would not want to win this?it looks and sounds totaly awesome!!!

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