“Being Human”‘s Meaghan Rath Discusses Season 3, Favorite Ghostly Moments And Cyberbullying

Sexy spirit: Meaghan Rath in Being Human.
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As the ghostly roommate of Syfy’s Being Human family, Sally (Meaghan_Rath) feels a bit disconnected from earthly affairs, at least in a physical sense. But in the season two finale, when she shredded the reaper that offered her the chance to leave this mortal coil, she created a large quandary for herself that we will have to wait months to see resolved, if it is. A.D.D. caught up with Rath at this spring’s Syfy Upfront to learn about season three and chat about her favorite character moments as well as her thoughts on cyberbullying.

You had a rough season finale, with the shredding and everything. So where does it go from here? What can you hint at for next season?
I know nothing, to be honest. The only thing I do know that I will say is that season three will have a lot of the three of us in it together. I thought that was something that was lacking in season two that people did want to see and that we certainly wanted to see because we love doing scenes together. Season two was so much about our separate journeys, so season three will be about us coming back together.

I liked your Grudge moment this season.
Me too. That was fun.

Out of curiosity, what are your three favorite character moments from the series so far?
In season one, the second episode had me flying down the stairs in a sort of fantasy sequence, and that was one of the most special moments I’ve ever had on set. It was just a moment where the ideas of the creators and the writer and director all came together with what I thought would be the show, and it set the tone for me and the character. I loved episode 10 of season two, which was “Dream Reaper,” the one with Sally’s purple fantasy world. That was one of my favorite episodes of the season because the three of us got to be together. We needed to save the family, and it was a long time coming. I also loved wearing a different outfit and looking like a girl for once. That was nice. I think I was a happier person in general. Crew members were like, “You seem really happy today.” And I loved episode 12 when Sally’s possessing someone’s body and hugs Josh. That was a moment that wasn’t originally in the script, and we both individually wrote to the writers that we need to hug. Sally has never hugged Josh despite being in someone else’s body. I think it needed to happen, and I think it was really sweet.

Movie night with the roomies.
(Photo credit: Jeff Riedel/Syfy.)

Last year you were in a TV movie called Cyberbully. The documentary feature called Bully has been getting a lot of attention, and I was curious what you thought about that given the fact you were in a movie with similar subject matter.
I haven’t seen Bully yet, but I’ve heard amazing things. I think it’s such an important message because this is something that people deal with all the time. It’s so disheartening that people are struggling with this, young kids are struggling with this kind of thing. I’ve experienced it, so it’s an issue that is very close to my heart. I’m really excited to see the movie.

Meaghan Rath enjoying the
purple carpet at the Syfy Upfront.
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Did you learn anything new making Cyberbully? And how do it compare to your personal experience?
When I was growing up, I was teased as a kid so much, but the difference now is that the Internet has really taken off. People call people names behind a computer screen because they’re anonymous, and I didn’t have that as a kid, I so can only imagine how difficult it must be for somebody who is on Facebook or any of the other social networking sites. I can’t even imagine what kids go through, and it’s awful.

What would you like to see happen with your character in the upcoming season? What areas would you like to writers to explore?
When I read the script, one thing that I did notice for the finale of season two was that Sally felt like a different person. After everything she’s been through, she’s matured a lot. She’s learned a lot and is more selfless in the end. I feel like season three should feel like Sally is more of a woman than she started off being. I think that would be an appropriate change for her. I hope that’s where it goes — feeling more empowered as a woman.

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