The Top A.D.D. Posts For June 2012

Hard rock and fantasy worlds dominated A.D.D. in June.

Here are the Top 10 New Posts and Top 5 Past Posts for June 2012. Feel free to dive into the stories you missed!


1. Digital Playlist: Symphony X’s Michael Romeo

2. Def Leppard’s Phil Collen Discusses “Rock Of Ages”: The Musical, The Movie and Playing In The House Band

3. Marillion Debuting Two New Songs On Current U.S. Tour

4. Dee Snider’s Glam Steamer Ad

5. First Peek: “Monsters University”

6. “Being Human”‘s Sam Witwer On Aidan’s Evolution, Favorite Vampire Moments and Being Buried Alive

7. “Iron Man 3” Revs Into Production

8. Theresa Russell: Fiercely Independent

9. “Terminator Too, Judgment Play” Gives Audience Members The Arnold Role

10. “Being Human”‘s Sam Huntington Reveals His Favorite Wolfie Moments; Ponders Dylan Dog Crossover


1. Digging Deeper With The “Vampire Diaries” Stars

2. Dark Illusions

3. Emilie Autumn’s Personal Asylum, Parts One and Two

4. Travelers Beware: London’s Appalling Currency Exchange

5. Blackie Lawless Renounces His Past Sins

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