The Great “Star Wars” Spoofs Of Teddie Films

“I’ll emasculate you, and you’ll like it!”

There is a never-ending supply of Star Wars spoofs online, and two music videos by Teddie Films (aka Tyler Marshall and Eddie King) are instant treasures.

The first clip below is their most recent, a take-off on the Gotye hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”. In “The Star Wars That I Used To Know,” the lyrics have been redone to be sung as an exchange between Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Star Wars creator George Lucas as the former accuses the latter of not only tampering with the original movies but demystifying his badass self with the prequel trilogy. Lucas then rebuffs his complaints. No matter how you feel about the series, this is a pretty funny take on Lucas’ repeated revisionism of his own universe.

The second music clip is a take-off on the infamous YouTube hit “Friday” by Rebecca Black. This time the monotone tune (“Primeday”) is sung by Princess Leia as she cruises and hangs with her peeps, including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca and C-3PO. They’re readying for the Rebellion, which evidently is gonna be a blast. The rapping by Boba Fett is hilariously horrifying. Watch until the end when Darth and Boba Fett discuss burgers on the Death Star.

Check out the Teddie Films website for their other work, including Doritos and Quiznos commercials and a Neon Trees video.

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