First Peek: “Oz The Great and Powerful”

I’m not sure how I feel about yet another Wizard Of Oz spin-off — in this case, a prequel about how the Wizard arrived in Oz and became its ruler. But Oz The Great and Powerful, due out in 2013, has a lot of great talent attached to it, including director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) and stars James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis. Franco is a young circus magician of dubious character who is whisked away from Kansas to Oz and sees a golden opportunity to preside over it, while three witches (the aforementioned actresses) are dubious about his ability to rule their land.

Here is a look at the new poster from Walt Disney Studios, with a trailer hopefully coming soon.

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  1. Luellavoir

    Awesome, hope it lives up!
    Saw Brave but loved the little Pixar Luna short the most, looking forward to perhaps a Disney made and maybe not just distributed because Brave was all Pixar amazing with a Disney logo on it. *shrugs* Seems to be the way of the production economy, older makers become newer distributers?
    Let’s see Disney maybe do it’s own magic and dust off Tinkerbell’s wings a bit, she’s been using her fairy dust for PR and making production wishes come true.


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