Mr. Bean Livens Up The Olympics’ Opening Night

Last night was the opening night ceremony of London 2012 Olympics, and along with the usual pomp and circumstance and pageantry befitting the event, there was some appropriately goofy humor from comedian Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson). Bored by his one-note synth line during the Chariots Of Fire theme, Mr. Bean daydreamed about winning the race in the movie, re-imagining it, even if he had to cheat. He also faced a dilemma when he sneezed and had to wipe his nose. There were plenty of grand moments at the event — Muse rocking the house, jet fighters streaking across the sky while painting it red, white and blue, “Queen Elizabeth II” parachuting in with James Bond (a cheeky addition) — but Mr. Bean’s bumbling appearance really lightened things up. I’m glad the British loosened up that stiff upper lip.

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