The Sex Pistols Number and Tribute To Terrorism Victims You Didn’t See On The Olympics Broadcast

England certainly covered a wide range of musical styles during Friday night’s opening ceremony in London’s Olympic Stadium, from Vangelis’ Chariots Of Fire theme (spoofed up by Mr. Bean) to Paul McCartney’s (millionth concert rendition of) “Hey Jude” to a rambunctious dance number choreographed to the Sex Pistols tune “Pretty Vacant”. That minute-long latter segment was condensed to about ten seconds in the U.S. due to an ad break, and the only full clip of it that A.D.D. could find on YouTube was a video made by someone who recorded it from a replay. Naturally some fans were pissed.

Beyond a few music performances that were axed here, there was a more serious omission on this side of the Atlantic — the excision of a 6-minute tribute to the victims of the 7/7/05 London terror attacks that was replaced by a really banal Michael Phelps interview by Ryan Seacrest. Many people noticed it over here, at least American viewers who get the BBC or became aware of the editing online. (The ceremony was recorded hours before its American broadcast.) There has been a lot of debate over why it was cut, which you can read in the comment section of the story linked above. On a related note, The International Olympic Committee has drawn fire for not offering a moment of silence for the Israeli athletes murdered by terrorists during the 1972 Munich Olympics even after many organizations and individuals have requested that they do so. (It has also been suggested that the London tribute was for all victims of terrorism, not just the British.)

On a lighter, unpolitical note, here is the missing Sex Pistols clip. It would have been really funny had they used “Anarchy In The UK”. Then again, given the above tribute, they were wise not to.

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