The Top A.D.D. Posts For July 2012

Here are the Top 10 New Posts and Top 5 Past Posts for July 2012. Feel free to dive into the stories you missed!


1. Digital Playlist: Marillion’s Mark Kelly

2. A Heavy Legacy: Keyboard God Jon Lord Passes Away At Age 71

3. How Many Producers and Writers Does It Take To Make A Great Song?

4. Dear Bob Costas (and Matt Lauer): Lay Off Albania!

5. Mr. Bean Livens Up The Olympics

6. Lita Ford: Still A Runaway And A Survivor

7. Tangerine Dream’s “Electric Mandarine” Tour Hits America

8. Ozric Tentacles Lose Entire Archives In Fire

9. 8 Things To Love About “Re-Animator: The Musical”

10. “Dredd” Helps Blast Off (and Blast Up) Comic-Con 2012


1. Emilie Autumn’s Personal Asylum, Parts One and Two

2. Dark Illusions

3. Digging Deeper With The “Vampire Diaries” Stars

4. Lana Parrilla: The Villains She Loves And Fears

5. Blackie Lawless Renounces His Past Sins

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