Four Fictional Drinks We Want On Store Shelves

Fictional worlds provide us with plenty of amusement, and the made-up inventions of those worlds can be equally entertaining. Yet even with the popularity of 3-D, our other senses are not able to experience everything on screen. Take food and drink as a prime example; in this case, let’s pick drink. How often have you watched a movie or show and wondered what something tasted like, whether it was something exotic from the cantina in Star Wars, any bar in Star Trek or Firefly, or perhaps the Korova Milk Bar in A Clockwork Orange? Some fictional beverages have been marketed in stores, such as Duff Beer (The Simpsons), Slurm (Futurama) and Tru Blood soda (True Blood), and there are plenty of others that have left us wondering, “What if?” Following are four fictional drinks from movies and television that might be fun to grab from store shelves and try in real-life.

All hail the Flaming Moe.
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Fox Home Video.)

FLAMING MOE (from The Simpsons) — A drink mixing multiple types of alcohol and children’s cough syrup, then lit on fire? That sounds dangerously delicious, kind of like Jägerbull/Jägerbomb shots on overdrive. This concoction — reportedly made of Tequila, Schnapps, Crème de Menthe and Krusty Non-Narkotik Kough Syrup — started as the Flaming Homer. But the name was changed after Moe the bartender stole the recipe to turn his bar into a popular establishment frequented by rock stars like Aerosmith. While a real-life energy drink was marketed with the name and Moe’s face, it’s just not the same. While we just gave you the recipe, has any bar actually served it? (Okay, I found one, but does anyone know what’s in that Krusty Kough Syrup?) It would be fun to find the Flaming Moe elixir bottled in stores, then you could serve and light it on fire in the safety (or not) of your own home.

ENT-DRAUGHT a la Treebeard (from Lord Of The Rings) — Want to grow a little hair on your head and become taller? Try Treebeard’s version of Ent-Draught, the invigorating, all-natural spring water that heals some, but in this case, really gives you a boost. At least if you’re pint-sized; Merry and Pippin gained three inches and became the tallest Hobbits in the Shire after drinking this stuff. Evidently walking, talking trees know where the best organic drinks are found.

DHARMA COLA (from Lost) — Does anyone even know what’s in Dharma Cola? Other than being part of the generic brand of food and drink found in the various quarters of the Dharma Initiative on The Island, there is little information available on this beverage. But it would still be fun to see this stocked on shelves to confuse shoppers and freak out Lost fans. It would be like buying “Acme Soda”.

Fizzy Lifting fun.
(Image courtesy of Warner Home Video.)

FIZZY LIFTING DRINKS (from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) — Want to find a new way to get high? And one that will bring you down gently? Take a few swigs of a Fizzy Lifting Drink, which will have you floating into the air in no time. But remember to burp intermittently, or you might find yourself too far off the ground. Plus a big burp might send you crashing to earth. Either way, it sounds like fun.

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  1. Michael Weinmayr

    There are PDFs of Dharma food labels in the web, if you want to relabel your foods and pretend.


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