Digital Playlist: Kamelot’s Thomas Youngblood

Who: Thomas Youngblood, guitarist and founder of Kamelot.
What: The top six artists rocking his iPhone.
Where: Florida.
Latest Album: Silverthorn.

Thomas Youngblood: Love for the epic and the heavy.
(Image courtesy of Gustavo Sazes
and Thomas Youngblood.)

1. GLOBUS — “It’s got this cool mix of symphonic with movie score with rock. It’s sort of like Kamelot, but it’s a little bit more mainstream.”

2. HANS ZIMMER — “I love Hans Zimmer and the way he composes. He’s great at composing these delicate parts and building tension. I think Crimson Tide was the first soundtrack that I heard from him, and then he did Gladiator.”

3. TWO STEPS FROM HELL — “It’s these guys Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix, and they do trailers for movies. They’re fucking amazing and have some killer stuff. They have full three and four minutes songs too which they have on albums. It’s in that whole vein of the movie score thing.”

4. SLIPKNOT — “We got to play with them and Metallica at Sonisphere a few years ago, and I was checking out their show because I never saw them before. Even though I might not like all of the music, when I combine the show with the music, the energy and dedication on stage that they give to an amazing show, I have nothing but respect for that. Whether you like the music or not, or the whole mask gimmick, they put on a killer show. When they leave the stage, they’ve given 100%.”

5. DISTURBED — “I really like the riffing style. To me, they’re a cool band. Sometimes they get this rap about not being metal, which is odd, but I dig them.”

6. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL — “They built an arena [near Orlando, Florida] for a show called La Nouba, so I went there for the first time about six or seven years ago and was floored by the whole thing. I started getting deeper and deeper into the whole artistic part of the shows and the music, and from that point on it’s been an integral part of what I listen to, the way that they integrate all of this different world music into their show. That’s something that I also listen to a lot. Some of them [Cirque scores] are a little bit flat, but La Nouba is really good and the album Alegría is really good. Sometimes it’s cool to be inspired by these amazing people that do crazy stuff. They usually have a full live band at their show.”

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