Epica CD Giveaway for North America!

Greetings, Epica fans and A.D.D. readers!

Courtesy of the band and Nuclear Blast Records, A.D.D. is giving away five copies of the new Epica album Requiem For The Indifferent to celebrate their 2012 U.S. tour, which just commenced in Washington, D.C. These are the corrected versions with the finished vocals on “Serenade Of Self-Destruction”.

This giveaway is open to subscribers in North America only. To be eligible, please subscribe to A.D.D. by e-mail — utilize the box at the top left of this page — then post a comment on this page. If you are already a subscriber, then you simply need to post a comment.

Please note that all comments are filtered and individually approved (due to spam). If yours does not show up immediately, do not worry, it will be approved!

Be sure to check for a confirmation e-mail in your Inbox (occasionally they go into people’s spam folders) to verify your subscription, then remember to please post a comment here. Please do not post multiple comments; they will be ignored.

The contest ends November 1, 2012, and the winners will be picked through a random lottery and announced soon after.

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Thank you for reading Attention Deficit Delirium!

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70 Responses

  1. Kathleen

    Epica is such an amazing band. Love to listen to them everyday. Rock on forevermore.

  2. Jesyka Bixler

    Epica is the absolute best symphonicmetal band I have ever heard of. And that’s a lot, my list has about 120 bands on it.

  3. Brooke

    Words can’t describe how much I love your music. Simone, your voice is absolutely beautiful, as are you. Thanks for all that you guys have done!
    Love, Brooke

  4. Ebru Naz

    I’m listening Epica since 2008 and I love them very much,when i listened them i feel like a dream. this is not possible but yes this is true and also i hope you will come to Turkey (one day)
    I love you Epica<3

  5. Elise

    Epica is a great band. Love all there songs, can’t wait till march with the retrospect tour

  6. Lizz

    Epica are my favorite musicians and I listen to them everyday. Cannot wait to see them this Saturday:]


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