Five Great Political Music Videos

With the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election being held on Tuesday, it seems like a good time to post this collection of great political music videos. The atmosphere in America has been divisive and abrasive, but hopefully if people can be more thoughtful about our problems and balk less at certain ideas or people that might initially bother them, we can find better ways to resolve things. And these clips certainly are thought-provoking.

AGAINST ME! “Stop! [Rock The Vote Version]” — This is totally apropos for election season. It came out four years ago, visually touching upon political issues that remain relevant now more than ever.

RISE AGAINST “Help Is On The Way” — Given that Superstorm Sandy just blew through my part of the country, this clip is timely once again. It shows flood survivors trying to cope with rising waters while waiting for help, and it affirms how we must band together and help each other out during times of crisis.

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE “Sleep Now In The Fire” — I’m admittedly not a big RATM fan, but this Michael Moore-directed video aimed at Wall Street corruption and manipulation, released nearly 14 years ago, still matters now.

VAN HALEN “Right Now” — While they’re known for being a party-hearty band, Van Halen became more thoughtful with “Right Now,” which was directed by ad copywriter Mark Fenske. There’s a sincerity to this clip along with a lack of preachiness that makes it refreshing and ever relevant twenty years later. It has a social consciousness underlined with a light political subtext — it’s all about living in the moment and what you do with it.

SYSTEM OF A DOWN “Boom!” — When the incendiary SOAD teamed up with the equally controversial documentarian Michael Moore to denounce the Iraq War — and were filmed as they marched with anti-war demonstrators, the global numbers for which were underreported by the American media — they produced a powerful statement that was banned on MTV. Thankfully, Fuse had the good sense to show it. It’s still important to watch given the designs that some people have on the Middle East now.

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