Commercials That Spoof The U.S. Presidential Election

Many advertisers are having fun with 2012’s grueling, grinding and contentious Presidential Election cycle. Here are some TV spots that, regardless of your party affiliation, should make you smile. And remember to vote!

TOSTITOS “One Big Party” — I guess the lesson here is less debating, more partying. I wonder what would happen if we had drunken debates or rallies? Hmm…

GAS-X “The Gas Crisis” — Now this is closer to the truth of campaign competition.

BOSTON MARKET “Bowl Poll” — Do you want a left-wing chicken or a right-wing turkey? The choice is yours!

FEDEX “Candidates” — Yes, you’re both running a nice, clean race.

CHROMEBOOK “For The Red & Blue” — Clever technological twists on popular campaign catchphrases.

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