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Inside Syfy’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

November 30, 2012 , 1:13 pm | By Bryan Reesman

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Reminiscing with Defiance co-star Julie Benz
about the 2010 Monte-Carlo Television Festival.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Last night’s annual Syfy Channel holiday party was more than just a Yuletide gathering as the ever-growing cable network celebrated its 20th year on the air. That fact astounded me at first, but then I realized I had been watching it since around 1996. Taking place at the NBC Experience Store in Rockefeller Center, Syfy’s soiree featured the usual fine catering (including an extensive sushi bar), their special “Blitzen” drink as well as delicious desserts. What’s always fun about this particular evening is that it’s an intimate, low-key affair, and everyone is very approachable.

Stars of many Syfy series emerged for the auspicious event, including Julie Benz (Defiance), Jaleel White (Total Blackout), Allison Scagliotti and Saul Rubinek (Warehouse 13), Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl), Kristen Hager (Being Human) and Rachel Nichols (Continuum). Expect interviews with many of them to emerge on A.D.D. throughout December.

Being Human‘s Kristen Hager spends quality time
with Sirius XM’s Jim Colucci.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Warehouse 13‘s Saul Rubinek
and Allison Scagliotti strike a pose.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Continuum‘s Rachel Nichols gets used to
“modern” life while visiting us from 2077.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

I wonder if Jaleel White contemplated
a Total Blackout of this room.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Lost Girl‘s Knesia Solo takes in the vibe.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Holiday buzz.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Syfy’s Dave Howe gives a short ‘n’ snappy
speech and encourages more revelry.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Syfy’s Mark Stern guards the gingerbread house.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

That leaves the sugar cookies open for munching.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Plus these yummy Syfy treats.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

A well-raided sushi station.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

A “Blitzen” bounty.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Looking out over Rockefeller Plaza.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)


  1. Karen

    Wow!! Congratulations on an amazing 20 years. Loved the pictures, you had me at the cookies, 🙂

  2. Rocky


    Sadly this network has gone downhill in the last 10 years.

  3. Maria Reesman

    Looking nice! Quite a party…love the photo of the Rockefeller Plaza’s Xmas tree!!

  4. joseph

    looked nice

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