Inside the First Annual Idle Hands Heavy Metal Holiday Party

Emanating holiday cheer with (from left):
Ute Linhart (Bravado), Marc Schapiro (co-owner, Idle Hands),
Heather Smith (Drumhead) and yours truly (the flash, it burns!).
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

A new holiday tradition was started last night at the Idle Hands bar in the East Village as many music industry insiders and their friends descended into a metal maelstrom complete with all the spirits you could drink. It was not too hard for Drumhead managing editor Heather Smith and I to convince Idle Hands owners Marc Schapiro and the Rev. Dave Ciancio to invite all our peeps out for one last party before the industry shuts down for 2012 and we all go into a Yuletide stupor. (Assuming that the world doesn’t end this week.) Nor was it hard to bring Jö Schüftan (Horns Up Rocks), Bram Teitelman (Metal Insider) and Ben Umanov (MetalSucks) to co-host, promote and DJ at the event. Bram even taught me the basics of DJing so I could mix things up myself.

It was a raucous night, and I wager at least 200 of our friends showed up. Our Mrs. Santa (Heather) sold raffle tickets for plenty of cool prizes: a $50 Idle Hands Bar Tab, a one-year subscription to Drumhead, a Children of Bodom skate deck, a Black Metal XMas ornament and assorted Centruy Media CDs, over 50 CDs from The End Records, an autographed The Darkness cowbell, and an autographed Duff McKagan Loaded CD, among other prizes from Prosthetic Records, Freeman Promotions, Eagle Rock and Spinefarm. A total of $287 was raised for victims of Hurricane Sandy and sent to The Mayor’s Fund for Hurricane Relief. Awesome.

Happy holidaze, everyone!

Bram Teitelman (Metal Insider) is puzzled by the enigma
of Zeena Koda (Sirius XM, at left) and Zena Tsarfin (Clear Channel).
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

The throng starts to swell.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Monte Conner (Nuclear Blast) shows his approval
for Caroline Dix and magenta Jen Meola (Rock This).
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Bringing my peeps together (from left):
Sarah B. Koenig (The Cherry Chinchilla), Patrick Eves (Rockstar Games),
Tina Benitez-Eves (fellow freelancer) and Marc Locascio.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Bram won’t even be serious around Jö Schüftan (Horns Up Rocks).
Actually, I just don’t like to post serious photos of Bram.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Myk Rudnick (Hi Fidelity Entertainment, right of the red hat)
knows exactly when to look at my camera.
Even when I don’t tell him to.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Jon Freeman (Freeman Promotions, at left)
and Steve Hennig (Wind-Up Records) salute the season.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Catching up after a number of years: Damien Kolidiy (DK Productions),
Nicole Elyse (Corcoran Group) and Kristen Spielkamp.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Cristina Galeano and Monte Connor happily
anticipate that I will play Type O Negative.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

My first time DJing. No really, I am.
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

Everyone can hear when you’re DJing in digital.
(Old schoolers should hopefully get that reference.)
(Photo ©2012 by Bryan Reesman.)

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