Thunderstruck Bagpipes

Rockin’ the flaming bagpipes.
(Photo courtesy of

What’s cooler than covering AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”? Playing the main melody on bagpipes. Which is what an Australian-based Scotsman known as The Bad Piper does. He recorded a song for his recently released third album Burn called “Plunderstruck” — perhaps the same tune retitled? Oh yes, he tours and plays weddings and corporate events too.

Here’s a clip of him covering AC/DC with flaming bagpipes. Pretty rad. Following is a 1976 TV clip of late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott playing bagpipes too; in a Superman t-shirt no less. (Well, given the time period, they’re probably performing to a pre-recorded track with one than more bagpipe track on it, but I guess it’s the thought that counts.) After the AC/DC clip is one more Bad Piper music clip for your enjoyment.


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