Twinkies: Saved From Extinction

Twinkies return.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

For those of you who freaked out when Hostess went belly up last year — taking with it all the deliciously unhealthy snacks many of us Americans have adored and devoured for decades and confirming the fictitious prophecy of Twinkies extinction in the film Zombieland — here is some good news. Those golden, cream-filled snack cakes are back, along with other famous products from Hostess (including CupCakes, Suzy Qs and fruit pies) that will be rolled out gradually into the fall.

Run to stores now and enjoy! Stock up while you can…just in case. Especially with the zombie apocalypse looming over our heads. At least we know Twinkies last way longer than even their new 45-day shelf life.

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