One Of The Strangest Shows You’ll Ever See

A Phone Braver 7 action figure. Just what you demanded!

A Phone Braver 7 action figure.
Just what you demanded!

Japan is a hotbed for crazy, off-the-wall television shows, particularly in the awful reality genre. When it comes to fictionalized material, the sci-fi action series K-tai Investigator 7 really goes off the rails in a hilarious way. And that’s what makes it so fun.

Here’s the basic premise: a high school student joins an intelligence agency called Under Anchor to combat cyber criminals. He is partnered with Phone Braver 7, a walking, talking, morphing, butt-kicking cell phone, one of many found in the agency. No, I’m not kidding. From what I’ve seen in various trailers and clips (most of them only available in Japanese), the dynamic duo take on both human and cell phone nemeses. Even more funny is that the 2008/9 series, comprised of 45 episodes, was directed by controversial filmmaker Takashi Miike, who made Audition and Ichi The Killer, among a gazillion other violent movies. He’s also done a couple of successful kids’ films, specifically The Great Yokai War and Yatterman, so this actually makes sense.

Wow. Just. Wow.

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