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Metropolis coverThanks to’s third party vendor system, one can find any number of hard-to-find albums new and used and often at highly inflated prices. But can anyone top the Japanese outlet selling a new copy of the original 2000 issue of the album Power of The Night by Metropolis? It’s going for $23,350.25. (Screen capture below.) How much and for who, you ask? (And why that amount specifically?) If the price is listed in yen by mistake, then the USD price would be $236.77. But judging from my admittedly quick research, there are other sellers asking for crazy prices on various CDs.

As far as Metropolis goes, horror geeks like myself know that this group’s heavily ’80s-influenced rock opus includes “The Darkest Side Of The Night,” the angst-ridden theme to the awesomely cheesy Friday The 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. It’s a great tune showcased at the start and finale of the infamous slasher flick, a perfect representation of rock music of the time, although more heartfelt than most like-minded artists of that era.

Luckily I have ordered a used copy of the album for way less money than the above price. I’d rather buy it on iTunes and support the artist, but it’s long out-of-print. Maybe someday it will return. I originally downloaded the whole album from YouTube and think it’s fantastic.

Want to know about some other mad expensive items on Amazon Music, some of which you’ve never heard of?
King Size Guitar & Honky Tonk Guitar by Bert Weedon ($564.99)
Marathonerre I by Art Zoyd ($956; awesome album, but just buy both Marathonerre albums on Tunes for $25)
The Best Of Burl Ives 2-LP set on CD ($1,150; yet the 1961 LP vinyl goes for $5.98 used)
The China single by Tori Amos ($3,769 for four songs!)
Sixsixsix: Sicksicksick by Current 93 (also $3,769 from the same vendors as Tori).

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