Digital Playlist: Reid Scott

Who: Reid Scott, co-star of Veep.
What: The five artists rocking his world.
Where: Los Angeles.
Latest Project: Turbo FAST.

Reid Scott loves bluesy and folksy musicians.(Photo credit: Manfred Baumann.)

Reid Scott loves bluesy and folksy musicians.
(Photo credit: Manfred Baumann.)

1. COLD WAR KIDS — “I’m a huge Spotify fan and embraced it early on. One band I’ve gotten into recently is called the Cold War Kids, and I think the first album came out about seven years ago. I liked it very much and never heard from them again. Thanks to Spotify, I’ve gotten into their more recent albums. I think they are fantastic. Their lyrics are so strong and mature and really deep for indie rock, especially these days. I don’t think they’re getting a lot of radio play — I can totally see why — but I think they’re one of the more intelligent bands out there, so I’ve been having a good time with them.”

2. and 3. TAJ MAHAL and PAUL BUTTERFIELD — “I’ve been back cataloging through my old blues stuff and rediscovering old Taj Mahal. I’m a big fan of his. I just love that voice, man. His voice is so smooth and so easy, and like a lot of blues his songs are very accessible. There’s something about him. Who knows, maybe I heard one of his songs in college and it stuck with me. He and Paul Butterfield are two blues guys that I always fell in love with.”

4. RYAN ADAMS — “I cannot get away from Ryan Adams. I can listen over and over and over to that guy. He lives in my neighborhood, so every once in awhile I’ll see him walking by, and we’ll have a friendly nod here or there. His music over the years has meant so much to me. He’s actually a singer-songwriter, not so much on the folksy side, but he certainly is the singer-songwriter of my generation and such a prolific writer. He’s got eight or nine albums out at this point and is constantly working with other great artists. I’ve seen him in concert a few times, and he’s just brilliant. I feel like if you don’t know Ryan Adams, the biggest favor anyone will ever done for you is to recommend this guy. I’ve never known anyone who’s heard Ryan Adams who didn’t connect somehow. That’s really rare.”

5. DAWES — “I don’t know if you’ve heard of the band Dawes. They’re from Southern California. They are absolutely fantastic. They’re young guys — I think they are still in their late twenties — and have a very ’70s SoCal soft rock vibe to them, which is usually not my bag at all. They sort of sound like the Eagles in that they use a lot of harmony and some very complex time signature stuff. I always gravitate towards lyric-based music. Whatever the genre, the lyrics always mean the most to me. These guys write so incredibly well and have some sort of song for almost every moment in your life. You could walk around all day soundtracking your life to Dawes. They’re absolutely fantastic. I can’t believe they didn’t come to mind first off, and I really hope they blow up because they really deserve it.”

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  1. Mary

    I really like Ryan Adams! Thanks for the other recommendations – I’m firing up Spotify as I type. 🙂


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