Digital Playlist: Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach

Who: Jesse Leach, frontman for Killswitch Engage.
What: The artists rocking his world.
Where: On tour in Australia.
Latest Project: Disarm The Descent.

Jesse Leach may rage on stage, but he likes to mellow out in his downtime.(Photo courtesy of Roadrunner Records.)

Jesse Leach may rage on stage,
but he likes to mellow out in his downtime.
(Photo courtesy of Roadrunner Records.)

1. AMBIENT MUSIC — “The new Boards of Canada record, it’s like intelligent ambient music. I love intelligent ambient music like early Brian Eno and a guy named Steve Roach. Those are the people who I listen to a lot of the road just to get peace of mind. I put my headphones on, close my eyes, and I’m just transported away from where I am. It’s my escapism music that soothes and comforts me. Those three guys are definitely on regular rotation when I’m out on the road.”

2. WYE OAK — “Recently I’ve been pretty obsessed with a band called Wye Oak. It’s a two-piece psychedelic folk rock group from Baltimore, and the female singer has a smoky, sexy voice. The music is very spacey and just gets me and turns me on. It’s really gorgeous music. It’s a little like Mazzy Star, a little more of a tribal rock thing going on. The drummer plays a lot of the drums with one hand and does bass with keyboards with the other hand. He multitasks and creates the whole atmosphere around her. It’s nothing straightforward. It’s really cool stuff and very creative.”

3. ELBOW — “I had to review a record from this band called Elbow for a website called Talk House. This put out a new record called The Takeoff and Landing of Everything, and that totally blew my mind with elements of Peter Gabriel and Pink Floyd with really brilliant lyrics, really poetic. It’s kind of progressive but it doesn’t make you feel like you have to get your calculator out to figure out what they’re doing. It’s really smartly written pop-rock and a brilliant record.”

4. KING TUBBY — “King Tubby’s Rastafari Dub. Anyone who is on around me on tour will know the songs just because I put it on play in my iPhone when I’m in the shower or I’m walking around backstage. That album is constantly on, and I’m sure most people in my bands are my crew can hum lines from it. King Tubby is a genius. Dub music makes me really happy.”

5. CLASSIC 4AD ARTISTS — “Dead Can Dance are one of those groups that I never get to see live. Every time they play I’m on tour or something comes up. Spiritchaser is probably one of my top 10 favorite records of all time. Cocteau Twins, I can’t really pick a record. Heaven or Las Vegas is the first one I heard but I love everything they do. When my wife and I are having a candlelit dinner or being romantic, Cocteau Twins is always on the playlist at some point.”

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