Talking (Up) These Mean Tweets

Gary Oldman laughs off an insult. Literally.

Gary Oldman laughs off an insult. Literally.

We all know the adage about how opinions are like a$$holes and everyone has one. Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been spotlighting mean tweeters who like to tear down famous actors by having the subjects of their wrath or insults read their words on the air. Props to the chosen few who participated in this seventh and latest installment — Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, Courtney Cox, Mindy Kaling, Matthew McConaughey, and Emma Stone among them. It not only shows a sense of humor — the retorts by June Squibb and Sofia Vergara are classic, while Gary Oldman cracks up — but it also shows how dumb the tweeted takedowns are. You can have the tables turned on you pretty fast when you go public with your lame disdain. But hey, freedom of speech. And of rebuttals.

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