Can You Name This ’80s Song Acronym?

I play Scrabble on my phone. Sometimes too much. But I like to keep my brain active and learn some new words in the process.

Other than occasionally getting my butt kicked by someone with a greater vocabulary (or better luck with the letters they draw), and aside from being frustrated at not being able to use proper nouns like “Hoth” and “Vader” when they are my only hope, I generally enjoy the experience.

One aspect of playing that amuses me is when the name of someone I know or a place I go pops up on my letter board. Or, in the following case, the acronym of a quirky Top 20 pop single from the ’80s. I’ve actually been wondering when these exact letters would show up, and they finally did a day ago.

Do you know the artist and the song? Please share if you do!

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