The Slick Spin Of Imperial Publicity

It’s hard not to be burnt out on politics in America these days. There is always some terrible bit of news, generally emanating from Washington D.C., which when piled on top of everything else going on in our crazy world, simply leads to emotional exhaustion and news fatigue. That is why comedy really helps us cope in times of turmoil. (Exhibit A: Stephen Colbert.)

I have been following @DeathStarPr on Twitter for years now, and the account has grown to an impressive 325,000 followers. A big reason is not simply because myself and others can geek out on the Star Wars humor, but the curator actually pokes fun at current events.

The recent tweet directly below is a classic example. It discusses the alleged limitations of working within an Imperial budget, but it is clearly poking fun at our current President’s decision to cut pay raises for federal employees but also mocks his ridiculous “Space Force” concept which parallels Reagan’s lame Strategic Defense Initiative (later nicknamed “Star Wars”) back in the 1980s. It brings a smile to my face.

Sometimes the political commentary is obvious, such as when the Imperial flacks call out “Crooked Leia and the Rebellion,” but I like it more when it’s hidden under a layer of Star Wars humor. I love this one.

What I think is fun about @DeathStarPR is how it takes a franchise in which the battle of fascism is often reduced to its simplest elements and adds an extra layer to it. I found it surprising that some Star Wars fans did not like Rogue One because of certain political undercurrents, but they totally fit the story. Such rebellion is by its very nature political, so it makes sense to draw that into the narrative.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to more Imperial shenanigans from the folk(s) at @DeathStarPR!

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