Freddy Krueger Returns To Scare “The Goldbergs”

I swear, the ’80s never die. While the ’90s revival continues to grow, the Decade of Decadence has staying power like no other. There are many reasons for this — a major one being that it was the first decade when we really started to become a pop culture nation thanks to MTV, Pay TV, movie franchises, and the maturation of comic books and graphic novels. Not to mention all the crazy hair and clothes that people wore proudly and shamelessly. It was a fun time indeed.

Now we have the return of Freddy Krueger, and not just the character. The actor who made him famous, Robert Englund, has donned the scarred visage, tattered clothes, and killer claws once more for the upcoming Halloween episode of retro ’80s sitcom The Goldbergs. While the Twitter post below featuring Englund and Goldbergs co-star Wendi Anne McLendon-Covey is rather tame (but cute), a raunchy one-liner or tongue lashing from Freddy would not be appropriate for a prime time ABC audience. But who knows, maybe his actual appearance will be more risqué than I expect.

Does this mean Englund will return for another big screen romp with the Springwood Slasher? The last time he portrayed Krueger onscreen was for 2003’s Freddy Vs. Jason face-off. (A reported reality TV series, A Nightmare on Elm Street: Real Nightmares, allegedly had a few episodes shot in 2004 but got shelved.) When I interviewed him for Metal Edge in 2006, Englund said of a prequel or sequel possibility: “If they don’t do it soon, it will be Freddy Vs. Geritol, I’m afraid.” Never say never, but even just getting to see the actor once more time in monster mode should be fun.

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