The Night Ranger Joke Hidden In “The Nun”

Sister Christian meet Sister Christian.

I just finished The Nun, the latest spooktacular in the Conjuring universe. It’s a fun fear flick despite some narrative flaws and predictable moments. It also has a good sense of humor, which I appreciate. The funniest part, however, does not transpire in the movie but during one of the deleted scenes on the Blu-ray edition.

Under the Deleted Scenes, it is listed as “Sister Christian tells Irene story of Duke, Abbey, & Nun”. Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) joins the nuns of Saint Cartha’s monastery as they prepare to pray en masse in hopes of warding off Valak’s growing demonic influence within their walls. Irene wants to understand the truth of what is happening, so Sister Ruth (Sandra Teles) starts to reveal past events. But then she calls over a much older nun to fully flesh out the tale. She literally declares, “Sister Christian. The time has come.” And over walks said character (played by Manuela Ciucur, listed in the credits as Sister Christine) to fill in Irene on their horrific history and also reveal where she can find a hidden artifact that will play a vital role later in the story. It’s easy to see why the scene was cut. While it explains why Valak chose the “blasphemous guise” of an evil nun, it also telegraphs a key moment that is better left as a surprise.

Let’s face it, the aforementioned line is directly lifted from the ’80s coming-of-age ballad “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger. If you don’t know the band, you won’t think about it. If you do, you’ll probably laugh out loud. The extra layer to this is that the video for the song features a high school girl graduating from a Christian academy, so nuns do appear. While screenwriter Garry Dauberman uses humor to offset the horror in The Nun, this one-liner pushed it too far and was wisely exorcised from the final cut. But it does make for a hilarious extra on the home video release.

Perhaps someone should cut a new video for Night Ranger’s famed ballad mixing band performance footage with clips from The Nun? Stranger mash-ups have occurred. (Many film buffs may remember how the song was used during the drug deal that goes sour in Boogie Nights. Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” actually accompanies the carnage.)

Anyway, check out the segment below, while it’s still up on YouTube. But see the film first or it will spoil some things.

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