Easter Is A Scream

When I was in Norway back in 2007, I bought a book called Scream: Parodies By Arvid that featured visual parodies of the famed Edvard Munch painting by Arvid Andreassen with text by Arvid Bryne. “The Scream” was put into different contexts, from Magritte-inspired images to the famous Marilyn Monroe skirt updraft moment.

Now I have discovered another image that falls along the same lines. It actually was created three years and became the first place winner in the 2016 Seattle Times Peeps Diorama Contest. It is entitled “‘The Scream’ by Peepward Munch'”. (Peepward is really Lisa Johnson.)

I love the idea. But the real question is: Would you dare eat it?

Would that be bad karma?

It turns out that Easter can be a scream after all.

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