Watch The High School Stage Version Of “Alien” That Enchanted Sigourney Weaver

By now, self-respecting Alien acolytes have heard about the high school play adaptation done by North Bergen High School students in New Jersey this past month. It generated a plethora of media headlines and spawned interest in an encore. For some fortunate residents and local fans, the teens performed an encore show this past weekend, even having the amazing opportunity to be introduced by the original film’s star Sigourney Weaver herself. The approximately 75-minute show starred Gabriella Delacruz as Ellen Ripley and included “action in the aisles,” a variety of impressive set pieces, dramatic music, and a badass-looking Xenomorph that was reportedly made from recyclable materials. Learn more about the behind-the-scenes stories here.

Just when Gen X geeks start feeling old and wonder whether kids today will care about some of the cultural treasures from our past, along come students of North Bergen High School to put our minds at ease. As Weaver tells the audience, this is a very special place. They have also done a production of Night Of The Living Dead! Times are certainly changing.

Now enjoy the staged version of Alien that continues to generate a healthy buzz. It makes me wonder which cool adaptation might be coming next.

For further viewing, here is the play’s trailer (with a great synthwave track) and an Instagram video showing Sigourney Weaver first meeting with the cast:

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