Welcome to the Debut of “Side Jams”!

For some time now, people have bugged me to do a podcast about music or movies. I figured there are plenty of those out there in the world already, so what would make mine different? It dawned on me over the course of the last year that many of my interviews often go over time, and we have often discussed plenty of other topics beyond the main project that a musician, author, or actor is promoting. This can lead to an exploration into their hobbies or sidelines that they’re involved with.

So it came to me: Side Jams! A chance to speak with artists about their hobbies, passion projects, perhaps even artistic alter egos. And to simply focus on those things.

I’ve launched this podcast series with two interesting interviews.

Firstly, there is voice actor Roger Craig Smith, who’s been active for over 20 years and is known for doing the voices of Chris Redfield, Capt. America, Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kylo Ren, among many others. He has a major fascination with astronomy, rocketry, and space travel, and when we did an interview for the Aquarian last year we spoke a little about that, but I felt that this would be a better forum for him to really wax eloquent about those subjects.

My second interviewee is French electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre, a prolific artist who loves painting, science fiction, and movies. Those interests actually dovetail into the music and artwork for his albums, but they still allowed for a really interesting conversation that stepped outside of his musical pursuits. I loved hearing about his friendship with Arthur C. Clarke and how he sold his own paintings as a teen.

Posing after my interview with Jean-Michel Jarre at the Knickerbocker Hotel in NYC.

I have a few more podcasts recorded and many more planned, and I hope you enjoy these first two episodes. I don’t treat these conversations like formal interviews. I prefer a more casual approach, with specific questions being asked but with plenty of room for us to jump onto different tangents. In fact, after hearing our podcast episode, Roger Craig Smith remarked to me that our conversation was “free-flowing and genuine”. Not that either of us is not in other situations, but oftentimes you have a very limited amount of time to speak with somebody and have to stick to a narrative or series of questions that serve the immediate story at hand. You can connect with someone in a short span of time but still feel like so much more could be said if there was more time available. In this case, the point is to allow the subjects to simply open up about what they love with no restrictions, and we usually do so with a half hour or more to give us some space.

Welcome to Side Jams with Bryan Reesman. I hope you enjoy the series!

Side Jams is hosted by Podbean.

It is also available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play, and PlayerFM.

iTunes in the works.

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