Digital Playlist: Nita Strauss

Who: Nita Strauss, guitar wizard and member of the Alice Cooper band.
What: The four albums rocking her world right now.
Where: On tour across America.
Latest Project: Her solo album Controlled Chaos.

IN FLAMES Battles – “I’m a huge In Flames fan from the early, early days. Battles has been coming up a lot on my Spotify. If I had to pick an In Flames album, it would probably be Colony or Reroute To Remain because those are the albums that really influenced me most as a young guitar player and that I probably listened to the most in my life. But as far as just changing it up, what I’ve been listening to the last couple of months is Battles.”

JEFF LOOMIS Plains Of Oblivion – “I think that whole album is a masterpiece from start to finish. I like the way that he takes heavy instrumental guitar music and makes songs out of it. It’s one thing to do instrumental guitar music melodically in the way that Vai or Satriani would. It’s a totally different thing to take an instrumental metal song and still make it catchy and listenable. I think Jeff Loomis really epitomizes that. Jeff Loomis, Andy James, Angel Vivaldi — these are the shred idols that are doing the heavier stuff the way that I did on my album.”

AFTER THE BURIAL Evergreen – “That album has been in constant rotation. It’s amazing. They have a song called ‘Behold The Crown’ that just gets me so hyped up every time I hear it. That’s definitely the number one song I put on at the gym lately. I love pinch harmonics.”

DARK TRANQUILITY Fiction – “I’ve been listening to old Dark Tranquility. Fiction is my jam. I’ve been listening to that album forever, and it’s still at the top of my gym rotation playlist. There’s something about the way that they wrote on that album. It’s really, really catchy and probably the most simple album that I like. There’s not a whole lot of super complex guitar going on, which is what I normally gravitate to. But the songs are just simple and catchy and heavy.”

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