Which Decade Is This We’re Living In?

(Photo credit: Bryan Reesman)

This image represents part of a t-shirt display I saw recently at Newbury Comics in Garden City, New York.

Modern franchises like The Avengers, Fast and Furious, and Mission: Impossible might still be going strong — and I do enjoy many of them — but the power of nostalgia, not to mention the enduring appeal of strong movies, ensures that certain characters and films will remain ingrained in our collective consciousness. The movies shown on the t-shirts above existed before the power of the franchise superceded the powers of great stars, writers, and directors. (That, of course, is the potential subject of a much larger essay.)

It’s nice to know that some older properties appeal to younger viewers. It is worrying that many younger Millennials and Gen Z-ers have a hard time watching anything made pre-digital effects, but many of them enjoy what us Gen Xers grew up with. Besides, if I can appreciate their movies, they should be able to appreciate mine. Always keep an open mind! Great stories can entertain and inspire people of all ages. Even if they do not look as slick as movies today.

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