Digging Deeper Into “Rock Stars At Home”

The tables have been turned! I contributed four chapters to a 2019 book called Rock Stars At Home (Apollo Publishers), so I did a lot of radio and podcast press for it this past winter and took my turn as interviewee. The longest, most in-depth interview I conducted was with Christian Swain for the Deeper Digs Into Rock podcast, a cousin to the Rock N Roll Archaeology podcast. We spoke for two hours about the book, my rock journo adventures, and our thoughts on how the rock lifestyle has changed.

Edited by Chris Charlesworth and Eddi Fiegel and featuring contributions from six writers, this coffee table tome focuses on the audacious abodes of celebrity musicians, usually of the majestic variety but occasionally looking into more low budget digs, particularly those of budding rock stars who had not yet made it. The four chapters I wrote include: “Riot On Sunset” (Mötley Crüe and GN’R), “Mysterious & Spooky” (horror fiends Corey Taylor, Kirk Hammett, and Rob Zombie), Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne, and “Colorfully Enhanced Cribs” (the frequent fakery of MTV’s Cribs).

As the Deeper Digs synopsis says of the book, “Thirty homes are featured inside and their stars homeowners are history’s best from the 1950s through today. Elvis Presley, the Beatles, David Bowie, the Jacksons, Prince, Ozzy Osbourne . . . they’re all here. Packed with great photos throughout and eye-opening stories of wild behavior and even wilder interior décor, including insider accounts from those in the know, Rock Stars at Home is an entertaining and informative guide to living life like a rock star.”

You can snag a copy of the book here. Enjoy the podcast below! It was fun.

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