Sitting In On The Niteshift

Myself, Mike, and Elaina hangin’ on the Niteshift.

My fellow entertainment reporter Mike Sargent recently invited me to come onto his weekly radio show Niteshift which is broadcast on WBAI FM. I got to spend two hours with him and his co-host Elaina Fulgham as tackled the theme for that night’s show. It was Music and Identity: How sounds we call music can transform our mood, sense of reality, and who we are. The questions being raised throughout the evening included: When did you realize music was going to be a strong part of your identity and life? What are Binaural Beats? And how can they transform your life?

The opening of the show was fun and surreal, a freestyle improv involving music and each of us uttering “Niteshift” at different times in different ways. We discussed the ideas above as well as my Bon Jovi book, superhero movies, and more. I hope they’ll have me on again in the future!

Check out the show below.

Bryan Reesman guesting on Niteshift: April 8, 2019

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