Side Jams, Episode 6: Mick Box

Uriah Heep guitarist Mick Box is a lifelong fan of British football (aka soccer) and his team Tottenham Hotspur.
(Photo credit: Richard Stow.)

As lead guitarist and co-founding member of Uriah Heep, the ever-jovial Mick Box has been a driving force behind the British rock icons for nearly 50 years. Their latest album Living The Dream is a strong studio release with memorable tunes and insightful lyrics. And their recent North American tour with Judas Priest proved that they are as vital a live force as ever.

Outside of music, Mick is a big fan of British football – or, as we call it in America, soccer – and since childhood, he has rooted for the team Tottenham Hotspur. We met prior to the band’s show at The Paramount in Huntington, New York to talk about his love for the sport, which also lead us to discussing American football as well as other places Mick has lived outside of England. We have chatted numerous times before but usually about music, so this was a fun change of pace.

As Mick would say: ‘Appy Days!

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