Side Jams, Episode 8: William DuVall

A singer who paved the way for the Atlanta hardcore scene when he was a teen, William DuVall ascended to becoming the frontman for Seattle hard rock icons Alice In Chains and the side project Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. Beyond music, he enjoys reading biographies and books about history, a subject for which he has a great interest. Even on the road he still takes real books with him as opposed to the digital kind, a concept that many readers can totally appreciate.

I spoke with William in a conference room at the offices of Cheddar TV in New York City, where he was promoting his superlative first solo album One Alone, and our discussion extended from books into early 20th Century films to his childhood education. This last part is where he became most passionate as he told the story of how he escaped the failing public school system in Atlanta in the ’80s to attend a private institution that took him on free of charge because of his strong desire to go there. That moment is one of my favorites so far in the Side Jams series.

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